French Country Decor: Adding a Touch of Elegance

French Country Decor is a timeless theme of love and respect for your neighbors and country. You can create this look in many rooms but I prefer to do it in the kitchen. It’s not difficult if you know the right things to do. I have decorated kitchens all with this theme and I want to share a little bit about French Country here.

You want to use a lot of warm colors on the walls. Using light or pastel colors will make the room look flat and dull. Pastels and soft blues are ideal colors to start out with but you can use any color that you like. Just be sure that it’s going to look warm and cozy.

You can add a few accent pieces in wood. I like to use pieces that have a rustic look to them. Pine, cedar or redwood are all excellent choices. They will add a nice touch of color. You don’t have to have anything too fancy, just make sure it has some charm to it.

For the walls, I like to use a floral print. This way you can match it to the rest of the French country decor. I love to use white or creme color walls as the sunlight is very bright in the afternoon. White is also a great hue for the curtains to tie everything together.

Another way to add warmth is to hang some pictures on the wall. The only thing is to choose ones that you can live with or that have some sentimental value to them. If you have some family photographs or home movies from the past, you can always add a comical effect by framed or hanging them on the wall.

You can also add some throws and cushions to the room. You can choose some that have a country feel to them or that have designs on them. The cushions can be used when you are relaxing or watching television. They can be used to keep your feet warm when you sit on the furniture, especially if they are made with real leather or wool.

If you are interested in some fabrics to use, you can look at the many available, French country decor items online. There are plenty of beautiful fabrics from chenille and voile to different animal prints. You can even find items with stripes, spots and embroideries. You may even want to use some vintage patterns that look like holographs. This can give the appearance that the items were stored by the elderly in their home and is reminiscent of times gone by. Adding some old photos from your family vacation can also be a great idea.

When using French country decor, remember that it can feel very cozy and welcoming. You can use lots of creams and soft colors. The accent pieces should be neutral. Because this is a time period where accents are less prominent, you can use a lot of lace, rugs and other items that have been around for years. By adding a few pieces of antiques and knick knacks, you can give the room a nice warm feeling.

You can add some candles to the room if you like. Adding an area rug will give the area a nice feel as well. You can use a flokati area rug if you don’t have one. You can easily find them online or in some home improvement stores. Just add a few to your French Country decor collection and you’ll instantly have a welcoming environment.

You can add a few plants to the area as well. The plants can be pale and fragrant. You might want to add some evergreens since they add a lovely touch of nature. To give the plants depth, you can hang a wicker outdoor plant on the tree. They also look great next to a floral wreath.

The curtains that you hang in the room can add a nice touch of color. You can choose some with flowers on them. Or, you can choose some that are plain with an elegant ribbon around them. French country decor is all about adding a little bit of femininity and elegance with simple furnishings and accents.

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