French Country Kitchen Designs

A French Country kitchen is often a welcoming and cozy room, full of rich, warm fabrics and accents which evoke the rich, casual French countryside. Think cozy fireplaces and thick, earthy curtains. French Country decor also includes rustic stone, iron, glass and tile. French Country kitchens are known for their diversity, as they can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a relaxing evening for two. The style is quite casual, yet still offers a sense of elegance. Here are some tips on creating the perfect French Country kitchen.

There are many great ways to create a French country kitchen. A great way to start is to create an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen can be created using natural materials, like stone and brick, to build the structure. You can include a sink area, bar area, dining area, and even a cooking area in your kitchen. Outdoor French Country kitchens give you the opportunity to get really creative, making each room unique.

Choosing the colors of your kitchen are very important. You want the colors to match the natural materials you are using to build your kitchen. If you are choosing natural materials, like stone or clay, consider choosing colors that match the colors of those materials. For instance, if you are using stone for your kitchen, choose pastel colors, like pink, lime green or yellow. These pastel colors will work great with stone and brick colors, such as ivory, beige, and chocolate brown. For an outdoor French country kitchen with a southern Indian or African American flair, consider using reds, oranges, yellows, blues, and purple for the walls and accents.

Another great idea for an outdoor French country kitchen decor is to use distressed wooden cabinets. The style of these cabinets is very rustic, with rough, pebble finish. However, the great thing about distressed wooden cabinets is that they are extremely beautiful, and have a lovely round shape that adds a lot to the look of the kitchen. You can find distressed wooden cabinets in many wood styles, including maple, oak, pine, or ash. Using distressed wood in your French country kitchen decor, is a great way to add a unique touch, without using any more expensive materials.

One other element of an amazing French country kitchen decor is the use of copper cookware. Copper is a great material for using in a French country kitchen because it has a very warm, rustic feel to it. In addition, copper is very easy to clean and has a very beautiful ornamental quality to it. By combining copper with aged wood, and by using simple floral prints on the cabinets, you have a charming, romantic atmosphere, that evokes romance.

Another great thing about copper cookware is that it is so easy to maintain. It will not tarnish, and you can simply wipe it down every couple of weeks with a very mild dish detergent. Another great thing about copper is that it is so affordable, that you can easily afford it in your budget. If you are looking for a French country kitchen design that is inexpensive, then a great way to go is with copper cookware. Because it is so beautiful and it is so easy to maintain, it is a truly remarkable choice for your kitchen designs.

For those who really want to create a French country kitchen, there are some other color palettes that can be used in your French Cottage kitchen designs, but the real key is to match your colors to the French Country style. You can do this by using pale pastels in the dining room and using warm, bold, earth tones in the kitchen. This color palette inspired look can also be applied to appliances, as well as floor coverings, window treatments and accessories. By creating this color palette inspired look in everything you do, you will create a kitchen that everyone will love to spend their time in.

One last tip is to use lots of crystal glassware in your French country cottage kitchen designs. Because the French countryside kitchen has such curved lines, it is a perfect environment for China cabinets with curved lines. These China cabinets can be either antique looking or they can be contemporary looking. Either way, they will add a touch of the French countryside to your home.

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