French Country Kitchen Interiors

French country kitchens are often thought of as being smaller than other forms of household cooking. This is not necessarily true, however. If you have a larger kitchen area and more work space available to you, there are many ways to create your ideal French country kitchen. Here are some suggestions for making your kitchen into the area of the home that people enjoy the most.

A table is the centerpiece of this area. In the late afternoon, you might want to consider using coffee or tea lights on your table to illuminate the surroundings. In the evening, you can use candles on the table to give it a warm glow. The scents of food and cooking can fill the air, too, making it an ideal place to sit and enjoy conversation with friends and family.

Once you decide on a table, the next step is to find chairs and possibly a side table. These pieces can easily be found at furniture stores or in outlet stores that carry home furnishings. You will want to set up a few matching chairs so that everyone has an inviting place to sit. Be sure that whichever pieces you select are in the same color group.

The look of your tables depends largely on the colors you have chosen for the rest of the area. Dark woods are often favored for their richness and classic appearance. Cherry, maple, oak, birch, and beech all contain natural shades that are beautiful when paired with the darker hues of the French country table. A few dark woods that look good with this pattern include mahogany and walnut. If you don’t like the dark colors, lighter woods such as pine and ash can be used.

Because seating is often in close proximity to cooking, you might consider using a breakfast nook to combine eating and the process of cooking in one area. French country kitchens are often lined with wooden benches that are placed under a cooking area so that meals can be prepared while they are being cooked. There are several different styles of wood that are used to create these. Some are better than others, so it’s a matter of your preference.

A dining table is a secondary feature but one that is absolutely essential if you wish to have food prepared on this style of table. If possible, choose one that matches the other decor in the room. Dark woods are often preferable because they will be more durable and allow for the food to be seen. Liming, a type of wooden seat that is often used in French country tables, is another possibility if you do not have a readymade table.

Accents of a French kitchen are the unique items such as figurines, ceramics, and dishes. Each piece should have a story to tell and be highlighted with your choice of tableware. If you want, you can even use them as a centerpiece on its own. Add pictures or other items that you like to really bring your kitchen to life.

One of the best things about French Country kitchens is that they tend to have lots of open space. This gives you room to move around and spread out. Larger pieces of furniture are often avoided in this area because they will make the room look cramped. Lots of elbow room is the name of the game in this type of environment.

Because there is so much open space in this area, the typical accent would be some sort of plant, tree, or fountain. Plants and flowers add a feeling of tranquility to the space. Remember to pick colors that contrast each other. A deep forest green versus a pale lavender will look far different than a deep blue lawn. Floral accents are often chosen over hard wood tables in order to maintain a natural look.

One accent you can often use in this style of kitchen is some sort of iron candle sconce. These are usually in the form of a shelf with a glass or metal globe that is held up by the light bulb. They give an air of older elegance and charm. If you don’t want to buy a whole candle sconce set, you can find smaller reproductions at most thrift stores or antique stores for very little money.

One accent that is often left out in this type of kitchen is the use of matching tablecloths. These fabrics are usually quite elegant in their pattern and color and add a nice touch to the overall look. You can find them in just about any color, but pleated white is quite popular because it matches so many different shades of white in the kitchen.