French Country Kitchens

When people think of French Country kitchens they often think of warm light colors and lots of wood accents. In reality, the term has much more to do with the style of the kitchen than the color scheme. The style comes from France and originally it was created out of farmhouses where the family used to gather for meals.

Some French Country Kitchens will have beautiful rustic oven trays and copper pots on them. Many such kitchens have a rustic stone bar and bench, which can easily be a part of the farmhouse table room decor. Some French country kitchens have some very old fashioned and gorgeous kitchen furniture on them. Some of these pieces would be more at home in a by a country estate than a kitchen.

Rustic kitchen tables and chairs with matching copper pans, stools and crockery make great items for a French country kitchen. Many of these types of rustic tables and chairs are displayed in museums or other settings. You can find some very beautiful French country garden furniture pieces to go along with some of your chosen copper pans, stools and copper pots.

Another idea for adding some authentic French country accents to your kitchen is to use open shelving. This is a great idea to help display some of your prized copper pans. Many people are surprised to find that some of the best looking French country kitchen tables and chairs are actually made from wood. This type of wood can look amazing and will work well with your other French country items. Open shelving French country kitchens are usually located on the second or third floor of a farmhouse kitchen.

The use of candles in your kitchen is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere. If you don’t already have a chimney or open shelving French country kitchen table, you may want to consider purchasing one. These are great to use for displaying your prized copper pots and China. They also add a nice touch of home decor to any kitchen. If you do not have a chimney or open shelving table, you can always create one by using large baskets on the floor between the kitchen table and the sink area.

When selecting a variety of small dishes for your French country kitchen, you will want to select those with colorful fabrics. For instance, if you are using reds and yellows, you will want to use dish towels and napkins that are all one color. The same rule would apply for creams and candies. It would be a good idea to use plenty of cream colors in your kitchen. These types of colors will work their way into your paint as well. One suggestion is to purchase a few small dish towels and a few small napkins in cream or beige.

A great accent to your French Country kitchen is the use of iron. It adds a rustic feel to the entire room. If you are not interested in using iron, there are other materials that could be used to help add a French Country charm to your kitchen area. For instance, you could find several different kinds of wrought iron decorations at many thrift stores.

There are so many wonderful things that you can do with your French Country kitchen. By incorporating some of the various design ideas mentioned in this article, you will be able to design a great space that can be used for entertaining or lounging around the pool. Being able to relax and feel comfortable in your kitchen is important for many people, and having a cozy area to dine in is just what some people need. A farmhouse kitchen would be a great addition to anyone’s home.