French Country Kitchens and Bathrooms

French country kitchens are not just popular because of their stylish look, but also because of the warm atmosphere that is created. The natural materials, mostly wood and stone with some ceramic elements, give French Country a welcoming feeling, like what you might feel in a country kitchen in France. Because of its “lighter” theme, French Country kitchens do not have as much heavy furniture or elaborate flooring as other design styles. This results in more space and a lot more open floor plan. Because of this open plan, French country kitchens can be very flexible when designing and decorating.

A French Country kitchen has plenty of windows to let in the natural light. To enhance the look of the light, use stained glass on the cabinets. Some people even use stained glass on their floor to create an attractive focal point. French country home owners will often choose light-colored flooring because it will reflect the light creating a cozy atmosphere.

The use of natural materials, especially wood, is very common in French Country kitchens. Natural wood floors are preferred because they are easy to clean and maintain. One can find this combination of wood and stone in most homes. Because there is such a high level of use of natural materials, the walls in the kitchen tend to be warm, sometimes blocking out the more extreme temperatures of the outdoors. Using a mixture of tones that match your color scheme is a good way to open up the room without making it feel too sterile.

Because rustic is such a basic color scheme, one can easily translate it into any color of the rainbow. One can use burnt orange, dark browns, earthy grays and even gold tones. Pastels are another great color to use in a French Country kitchen because they can provide a soft glow when coupled with certain shades of red or purple. Soft fabrics, linens and towels in these colors will add a softness to the room that is both inviting.

Wall paint is very important for bringing out the rustic feel of the entire kitchen. Painting the wall in a deep, dark color will give the impression of a larger space. Using a lighter, pastel-based wall color on the other hand will make the space seem even more intimate. When used along with wood flooring that is distressed, this will create an inviting atmosphere that anyone can feel at ease in. This is a great way to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors indoors.

There are many decorative items that can be used to further create this look. Wrought iron candle holders are often found on French Country tables and using them on matching candlestick holders will give the same look as well as being more practical. Another thing to use for creating this look is china, as all of the plates will be set on top of China. Since China is typically a silver color, the whole look will be completed by using the same shade of silver.

Dishware that is made of natural materials such as porcelain, copper, glass, and stone will all be used in French Country kitchens. The use of ceramic tiles in the kitchen will help to create a nice rustic feel as well. For the walls, rustic wooden plaques that have a vine design painted on them can be used. These can be painted or stained in any color that one wants, to create the look of a French country home. Wrought iron candle holders can be hung from the walls, and these will provide a great look as well as being practical. When adding candles to the room, they can be placed in holders that use natural iron, as this material has a unique texture that holds candle tightly.

Candles should also be used in French country bathrooms and kitchens, as these candles add a nice touch to the room. Since natural candles in these areas do not burn as strong as synthetic ones, they are safer to use. To create a very rustic look in these areas, simply use white candles that can be placed in glass holders that are shaped like French country homes. This will create a cozy and charming atmosphere.