How To Decorate French Country Homes With Blue Bedrooms

Whether you’re decorating a new home or redecorating an existing one, the color blue is very effective as a theme for French Country bedrooms. The deep blues of the French countryside are reflected in everything from the linens and decorative accessories to the paint on the walls. Even the furniture is often French Country inspired, including French Country bedding, French Country night stands and even the lighting fixtures and decor.

When choosing items to decorate with, the color blue should not be overlooked. It can be used in so many different ways, from tapestries and paintings to slipcovers and pillows. Just as importantly, it does not have to be a color you see only in old French Country homes. In fact, you’ll find that it works well in many modern decorating schemes. With its beauty and simplicity, it can give a room a bright, cheerful look that is inviting and warm at the same time.

Blues and greens are both very popular colors used in French Country designs. Although there are some variations in color depending on what is available in the region, the most common colors used are shades of light blue and pale greens. Other colors, which are less common, include tan, brown and gold. A mixture of any of these colors can be lovely, but it should be used as an accent and not as the entire basis of the design. Most times, just a couple of colors are used in the decor.

The curtains and lampshades on French Country furniture are almost always blue or green. In the living room, couches and loveseats are often displayed without cushions in a sun-kissed style that is complimentary to the blues. Antique beds are often painted with scenes portraying the natural beauty of the area. Coffee tables, side tables and other furniture pieces are sometimes displayed on a blue bed.

When decorating French Country bedrooms, it is important to keep in mind that white is not always the best color. Pastels and soft colors such as lilacs and yellows make for a more soothing atmosphere. Linens are usually either bleached white or a deep shade of blue. Shades of pink, red and yellow also work well, especially if the rest of the house is decorated in a soothing blue palette. Shades of orange and yellow are often used in furniture choices to add a little zip to the colors.

Wall coverings are an important part of creating a French Country decor. Soft floral prints are popular, as are art Deco wall hangings. Wicker baskets, animal themed crockery and especially fine China set the tone for the whole room. Wall paint is normally very light, with most items being either cream or off-white. Highly polished wood surfaces are generally avoided, since the goal is to create a rustic atmosphere.

A few things that don’t fit in with the theme of a French Country bedroom are pink bedding or linens, such as sheer crib sheets. Gray furniture, such as an oak headboard, works well with the color scheme, as does blue curtains. Wall paint should be very light, allowing visitors to see the accents in the bedroom, but not allowing the walls to become too overbearing. It is up to the homeowner to decide how much natural wood and woodworking they would like to include in the bedroom’s design.

In closing, it must be said that this color combination does not have to be limited to only French Country bedrooms. Shades of turquoise and blue can be quite stylish and even elegant, and certainly work well in other types of decor. The most important thing to remember is to use this color combination with caution, since it can sometimes evoke feelings of anxiety or mild paranoia in some people.

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