French Country Decor

June 21, 2021 craigbal1 0

When the leaves start to fall and the first snow falls, French country decor comes alive! The sweet aromas of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and all the delicious smells of cooking come to life in your home. With this kind of abundance of scents, your home w..

Light Up Your French Country Kitchen

June 20, 2021 craigbal1 0

French Country kitchens are synonymous with relaxation, comfort and taste. In fact these elements have a direct relationship: the French Country kitchen is an expression of the way of life that the people who built the homes preferred to live. French C..

French Country Style Living Room Decorating Ideas

June 20, 2021 craigbal1 0

What exactly is FRENCH EUROSERRAL Style? A French country living room in French provincial design is usually very dark, with a lot of rich, vivid color, usually earth tones. The colors used are very rich, intense and have a touch of mystery, while the ..

Tips for Decorating a French Country Bedroom

June 20, 2021 craigbal1 0

French Country is often mistaken for European Country or Oriental Decor. The two styles share some design elements, but French Country decorations have a rustic charm all their own. With the romanticized view of the countryside seen through the French ..

French Country Bathtubs Bring Elegance to Your Home

June 20, 2021 craigbal1 0

French Country bathrooms are synonymous with the elegance and charm of America’s southern plantation lifestyle. When most people picture what a French Country bathtub looks like they often envision a charming soaking tub surrounded by lush plants and c..

French Cottage Interior Design

June 20, 2021 craigbal1 0

French cottage style interior design is very popular in households all over the world. If you are considering remodeling your home, consider incorporating some French touches. With such a variety of colors and materials to choose from, it will not be d..